AstroDonkey (DNKY) was the first and main token of our ecosystem.

Plush STP (space trash panda) is a sister token to AstroDonkey.


AstroDonkey LLC was formed in Wyoming, USA on July 26, 2021. Being registered as a Limited Liability Company has many advantages to protect our assets. This company is on a quest to deliver what a token project could and should be. Like many of you, the founders of AstroDonkey have been scammed, rugged, and intentionally misled while investing in other tokens and altcoins. The LLC holds the development team accountable to each other. It is an extra layer of protection. Absolute safety is always the goal. Always do your own research.


The development team and investors are connected. There are no team wallets. The developers have bought and will buy tokens like everyone else. AstroDonkey is community-based and partially governed by our holders. Only by creating value through a robust ecosystem will there be personal gain for the AstroDonkey Team and community.


AstroDonkey will be as transparent as possible. Anyone with a basic knowledge of bscscan and Google can check into us deeply. As mentioned in the introduction, we are an LLC and public records exist. We have been audited, KYC’d, and vetted by some of the top names in cryptocurrency. The team is fully doxxed and have never tried to hide their identities.


DNKY has been audited twice. STP also has an audit. These contract audits did not find critical or major issues. All three audits can be read by clicking the linked buttons below.

The Mission

Our mission at AstroDonkey is to empower a community that is focused on creating value and charity through unmatched communication, unique ideas, creative input, a comprehensive plan for the future, and fun. Our mission is larger than taking profit but we definitely want that, too. We are here for the long haul (like a donkey).


Our roadmap represents the flow of our business plan. These are items we work toward everyday. Unlike most projects, we have abandoned the typical “check mark” list of items.

Plush NFT Marketplace

The Plush NFT Marketplace is a Dapp from AstroDonkey LLC. The marketplace is a longtime project and it is nearing its public debut. 

This NFT marketplace is for everyone.


At the time of writing, the community and developers have donated over $6,000 to various charities. Besides the 5% from the STP Impact wallet, all funds were donated directly to a designated charity wallet. As mentioned before, AstroDonkey is not a charity crypto project. We are a project that donates to charity. 100% of the funds donated to our charity wallet go to the chosen charity. All contributions have been documented with posted receipts on social media.

Common Questions

How do I buy AstroDonkey tokens?

You can buy AstroDonkey tokens on Pancakeswap. If you don’t know what that means or how to go about it, please ask a friend, join our Telegram, or check our website for a tutorial. We would like you to educate yourself before taking this leap. Tokens are a unique space and it is not for everyone.

Why is this Safe?

The development team at AstroDonkey have been rugged by other tokens. We know the feeling and we understand the FUD. AstroDonkey does not have Dev wallets. We are buying like everyone else. The LP is locked for 10 years. Nobody can touch it. The Burn wallets are also untouchable. The remaining Impact wallet belongs to the holders. There will be buyers and sellers. We don’t control that. The entire team have Doxxed and KYC certified multiple times.

Wen Moon?

That is totally up to you. We have a strong organic marketing plan to gain awareness already in place. The rest is up to the community. If you like what you see, tell the people around you.

How can I speak with a Dev?

We have a heavy presence in our Telegram group. You can probably find us there right now. Our Moderators are also the best in the business. Come chat with us.

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