AstroDonkey (DNKY) was the first token of our ecosystem. DNKY launched on December 4, 2021 after a very successful presale. DNKY controls the governance portion of our ecosystem. Punch protects us from the stupidity on Binance Smart Chain. This donkey puts our AstroSystem on his back and carries it throughout the solar system.

Punch is our leader.

Yea…he’s badass.

BSC Contract Address:



Chain type

BSC ticker



9% Tax on Buys

9% Tax on Sells

9% Tax on Transfers

3% Liquidity

3% Burn

3% Impact

Governance Voting

The community governance of the allotted portion of the Impact Wallet began on February 1st, 2022. Between launch and that date, most (if not all) was put into our Liquidity Pool on PancakeSwap or used toward R & D for future token releases.

A wallet holding any amount of DNKY is eligible to vote on the first of every month.

When voting, there will be up to 4 choices. The Dev Team or Moderators will conduct AMAs in our main Telegram chat prior to each vote to give our community their voice and to debate the vote beforehand. When choices are picked, we have 24 hours to cast our votes.

There will be a page of our website dedicated to voting. There will be a login and password to enter. The login will be the wallet address that holds your $DNKY. You are not connecting your wallet in any way nor are you identifying yourself. The password for each vote is displayed before the vote in a private telegram chatroom.

Locked Wallets

These DNKY tokens are being saved for future developments within BSC, DEX/CEX implementation, or future burns.

AstroDonkey has already burned 150 Billion tokens from locked wallets.

Lock 1



Unlocks 4-1-2023

Lock 2

Unlocks 04-01-2023